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On Being Uncivil

“On Being Uncivil”
Sometimes, you must raise your voice.

It is the only way to be heard

when they will not listen to you otherwise.

Sometimes, you have to tell the truth.

It is the only way to be true to yourself

when they are all telling you

“you must lie if you want to succeed.”

Sometimes, you have to be angry.

It is the only way to release the seeds of justice

when they want to normalize

injustice as justice.

Sometimes, you have to be betrayed.

For this is the only way you will know your allies

as those that will betray you

will have their face painted by guilt

all over.

Sometimes you must file a complaint.

This is the only way you will make a record

of your abuses and abusers,

their clandestine investigations

for the world to see.

And sometimes, you must leave and leave behind

those that made you sick. Very sick.

It is only the healthy, the brave,

the ones with dignity and self love,

the ones that will not want to be erased

from the history of being silenced

can set themselves free.

From Their grips

That You Disallow/ed.

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