The relationship between a mentor and a mentee is one of trust, mutual respect, power and empowerment. These are also long-term relationships and do not end after only one session. I approach mentoring as a form of both attentive guiding by engaging in thoughtful listening and engaging in culturally and situationally specific guidance and practices. My goal is to offer various strategies so that my mentees can feel acknowledged and begin to experience a sense of gratification and joy as teachers and scholars, while recognizing and preventing “burn-out” and feelings of isolation. I will provide strategies for overcoming imposter syndromes, mindful networking, ally building, and conversations to create appropriate family-life-work balance to create long-term academic wellness.

I offer personalized and small group mentoring to both advanced graduate students and faculty. Based on your needs our mentoring meetings will be bi-weekly, monthly or long-term. Please email me so that we can set up a time to schedule a meeting to discuss your mentoring needs.