Online Workshops

In these small workshops, you will be seen and heard. I will empower you as my colleague and client to recognize and affirm your experiences with racial violence, hostile climates and betrayals as a result of working within white supremacy structures. By helping you to chart a path to move forward, I will help you in confronting toxic structures, while helping you to develop skill sets so that you can protect yourself from future racial animus and power-play.

I will lead and co-lead many of the workshops with other academics and professionals who hold expertise in the topics of the workshops. In these workshops, you will experience guided sensorial writing and confidential facilitated discussions in specialized sessions with other faculty and administrators, HR Directors who have worked in Higher Ed, attorneys with specific experience in Higher Ed, and trauma-informed researchers and therapists. In doing so, my goal will be to help you to feel empowered and strategize a path moving forward within the context of your own institutions and other professional goals.

As a public intellectual and scholar, I frequently write about issues that persistently impact BIPOC faculty. I will co-facilitate workshops with other public intellectuals to assist and empower you to channel some of your thoughts and ideas and write for a broader audience. I will work with you to place your writing in various publications, including the guest blog on this website.

Before and after every small workshop, I will be setting up a time with each of you to discuss your personal situation and needs and develop a plan to provide personalized attention and create a path towards more meaningful conversations.