“Your silence will not protect you” – Audre Lorde 

This is an exclusive space for Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) in higher education who are systematically excluded and have experienced racial trauma, hostile climates and institutional betrayals. In this space, my goal is to help BIPOC in higher education feel less isolated by creating an intentional space with others who have faced similar experiences. While universities have plenty of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives, there are still no racism reduction plans, no magic pill or a crash courses to heal from everyday racism, racial trauma and microaggressions that many of you have experienced and experiencing by the virtue of being in academia. The workshops, retreats and individualized mentoring are all specifically designed for you.


Online Workshops

All small-group workshops via Zoom will be lead or co-led by Dr. Dutt-Ballerstadt for exclusively BIPOC faculty, administrators and advanced graduate students



A small group of six participants will spend a full day at Oregon’s Rockaway Beach, in a beautiful house overlooking the ocean to engage in some trauma informed



In these individual on-line mentoring sessions via Zoom, Dr. Dutt-Ballerstadt will offer personalized mentoring to both advanced graduate students


I will be offering specialized services for ONLY BIPOC faculty, administrators, staff and advanced graduate students who have experienced racial trauma, hostile climates and institutional betrayals and help them feel less isolated by creating an intentional with others who have faced similar experiences.

You will be seen and heard and I will empower you as my colleague and client to recognize and affirm your experiences with racial violence, hostile climates and betrayals as a result of working within white supremacy structures. By helping you to chart a path to move forward, I will help you in confronting toxic structures, while helping you to develop skill sets so that you can protect yourself from future racial animus and power-play.

I will lead and co-lead workshops with other academics and professionals. In these workshops I will provide opportunities for guided sensorial writing and confidential facilitated discussions in specialized sessions with HR Directors, attorneys and trauma-informed therapists. In doing so, my goal will be to help you to feel empowered and strategize a path moving forward within the context of your own institutions.

As a public intellectual I frequently write about issues that deeply impact BIPOC faculty. I will help other faculty to also channel some of your thoughts and ideas so that you can also begin to write for a broader audience by helping you place your writing with various publications, including a guest blog that I have created for documenting narratives of “academic trauma.”

Before and after every workshop I will be setting up a time with each of you to discuss your personal situation and develop a plan to provide personalized attention during the workshops and create a path towards more meaningful conversations.

So how can I assist you in your journey?

  • No matter at what stage you are in your academic journey, I am here to guide you with honesty, empathy and trauma informed praxis.
  • You will confront your fears, anger, triggers, and anxieties stemming from racial trauma by engaging in small and meaningful dialogue, activities and writing.
  • I will help you to build a justice oriented community of colleagues, legal counsel, mentors that you can lean on as you and break the cycle of isolation.
  • I will provide you will long-terms mentorship. Your relationship with me or your workshop participants will not end after our workshops.
  • If you have a story to tell, about your experience with racial trauma in academia, I will assist you with publishing your thoughts and ideas in my guest blog and other national publications.

You already know that institutional climate surveys do not capture the lived experiences of academic trauma caused by racism, frequent microaggressions, xenophobia, toxic whiteness and institutional betrayals.  By engaging in small and intimate half-day on-line workshops on a variety of topics, to face to face one day and two day guided retreats at the beautiful Oregon Coast to individual consulting and mentorships with me I will help you explore various strategies and provide you with practical guidance on how to navigate your toxic workplace, colleagues, teaching and hostile evaluations, tenure and promotion setbacks and journeys, behind the scene HR and complaint process and exploring grievance and legal options.